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Klydo applies artificial intelligence to help strategy and innovation
teams identify, prioritise and gain approval for innovation opportunities.
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where to play and how to win.

Differentiate your ideas with a fresh perspective on your category

Klydo surfaces cross-category insights that are unique to your business. No more generic market reports that your competitors also have access to!

Make bolder decisions backed up with data-led stories

Klydo applies quantitative rigour to what’s conventionally qualitative research to uncover hidden truths about consumers, companies and competition.

Be confident that you haven’t missed something

Klydo continuously analyses millions of data points online to turn an overwhelming amount of information into a simple summary that keeps you ahead of the curve.

Our klydoscopic mission

We believe the secret to innovation is viewing your world through a unique lens. So just like a kaleidoscope, Klydo reveals new patterns and opportunities by changing your perspective.

Let our AI do the hard work

Iterate your
ideas faster

Uncover robust insights in a fraction of the time that you’re used to

Don’t be left thinking “so what?”

Surface tailored and actionable insights by inputting your business criteria

Convince others of your ideas

Tell compelling data-led stories through interactive reports

We can help you with

Strategy and innovation

Take advantage of evolving technologies and new markets to do more than simply keep up. Discover what is the next untapped innovation territory.

New product development

Track your category and beyond to unearth unmet consumer needs and business opportunities. Harness these insights into breakthrough products.

Competitor analysis

Explore who’s solving similar problems to you and how effectively they are to reveal direct and indirect competition.

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